Friday, August 18, 2006

Election watch: Lousy poll, but election manifesto

Busy day today, the Social Democratic party's Party Board will decide on and present the election manifesto so I will be writing about that for the newspaper. More on that later.

The day started with quite a lousy poll, the Social Democratic Party gets 34,8 (-2,0), the Conservative party 28,6. The left block gets 45,2 and the right block 50,1. I don’t mind too much though since I think this will galvanize the work we need to do all around Sweden. That’s no work for a lazy cat expecting victory to come anyway.

(And if you think my analysis of the poll is too optimistic and somewhat naïve; bear with me, I will be an optimist till the day I die. I hope.)


Blogger Rémi Bazillier said...

Eric, good think u don't believe in polls.. I remember the presidential elections in 2002 in France. If the polls were right, we would have won the presidential elections. Nobody have seen Lionel Jospin will not be at the second round..
So your situation is quite better, and i fully aggree when u say it will galvanize the work! All my support! :)

18/8/06 11:40  
Blogger fredrik said...

Any poll collected before the Social Democratic campaign machine has started isn't anything to pay that much attention to.

It'll be nice to get started for real.

18/8/06 18:19  

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