Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Election watch: Same ol’right

The main problem for the Swedish Conservative Party is their image. They have always been the party for rich, conservative, white males.

As we all know, they are trying to get away from that image now. One thing they forgot, however, is the composition of candidates on the ballot. The Conservative Party still don’t have equal representation of women, and they have no representative with foreign background close to ending up in the Riksdag.

This morning it was revealed that two Conservative top-candidates in Gothenburg have “booked women who will dress lightly, serve drinks, and parade in fashionable underwear and swimming suits” for their election kick-off. Women as entertainment, that is. Both candidates are white males, of course.

The Conservative party leadership in Stockholm is grunting as the same ol’right pops out. This was not according to the plan, they must think. We must pretend to strive for gender equality now, the leadership in Stockholm tells one and all.

To make use of the subordination of women in society to please rich, white, male conservatives during an election kick-off is, unfortunately and surprisingly, still possible in an election campaign in Sweden.


Blogger Jonas Morian said...

"This morning it was revealed that two Conservative top-candidates in Gothenburg..."


16/8/06 09:59  
Blogger Jonas Morian said...

Never mind...

16/8/06 10:10  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Tack, hittade det bara på TT först.

16/8/06 10:30  
Blogger Jonas Morian said...

Vassego. Nu bloggat om på Motallians.

16/8/06 11:36  
Anonymous Esra said...

My comment is not about your post titled "Election watch: Same ol’right". As far as I know you, you do not see world just composed of Sweden(in fact your blog is great to follow!), yet you haven't had any speech over the war in Lebanon in where thousands of innocent people had been died until to 19.58 up to cease-fire by Israel. I was wondering what are you thinking on that issue as a social democrat. And without doubt as a humanbeing.

16/8/06 19:58  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Esra, it is easy to get carried away in a national political election, but you have my answer above now!

17/8/06 15:19  

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