Thursday, August 17, 2006

Election watch: With God on our side…

Thanks to one of Sweden’s best blogs, Mats Engström’s blog about European issues, I just read a quote that sent me to heaven:
”In Sweden, they have a system of higher taxes but welfare for everyone. They call it the Swedish model. Well, I could go for a Swedish model right about now.”
The man who said these words on XM Satellite Radio is… Mr. Bob Dylan. During the radio show he is now hosting, Dylan has been playing American music from the 20th century on the theme “rich and poor”. Artists like Woody Guthrie, Louis Armstrong and Little Richard have been telling their stories of social injustices in the US.

According to Mats Engström, Dylan seems to be finding his way back to the political days of the 1960s , even if his voice is more scratchy and his tone more relaxed. And Dylan found… the Swedish model. Can we lose this campaign with God on our side?


Anonymous Felix Englén said...

Du gillar vantolkningar av låtar?

21/8/06 08:24  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Se det som en ordlek, som mer anspelar på låtens titel än på texten. Men om du vill göra en textanalys och jämföra med svensk politik så var det inte sossarna, utan folkpartiet, som ville hjälpa Bush att invadera Irak.
Eric, som också noterar att det är Reinfeldt som är med i samma partiinternational som Bush.

21/8/06 17:03  

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