Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And now?

Yes, it was a crap election, worst result for the Social Democrats since 1914. 1914, folks. I have been busy doing newspapers and I am traveling today so I will just link to my first texts/thoughts about this [only Swedish so far]:

1. A column about the terrible defeat in Stockholm, which explains why we could not win on the national level (here).
2. My editorial about what must happen now (here).
3. Three short points about what went wrong (here).

And to all my friends from around the world who are sending me sms-messages and e-mails: yes, I am definitely ok, politics is a blood sport, we lost this one and will be back in 2010. At the latest.


Anonymous Lisa said...

Amen to that my friend! Indeed, we will be back at the latest in 2010!

19/9/06 13:51  
Blogger Claes Nordmark said...

Angående Stockholmsregionen tror jag att det var förödande med två socialdemokratiska kampanjer istället för en. Något att tänka på till nästa val.

19/9/06 14:00  
Blogger Esa Suominen said...

Thanks for the latest my friend. We'll be back. Read your analysis, describes quite well the situation and the same points have been raised in Finnish conversation too. Now we'll see whether Swedish people will have to pay big time for their wish to replace content and expertice with nice media image. I'm a bit afraid they do.

See you, take care, will meet you latest in the election result analysis seminar in Tallinn. ;)

19/9/06 14:30  
Anonymous angela said...

Oh thats too bad. Lets hope the M starts off on a good foot with a realistic work plan.



19/9/06 14:31  
Blogger Brian Booth said...

Sad day for soc-dems all across Europe, Eric.

Hope you won't have to wait the full 4 years to get back into it!
All the best,


19/9/06 14:51  
Anonymous Jon Worth said...

Eric - don't be too down about it. The government will have a very thin majority - life will not be easy for them.

Above all, it shows what happens when you try to win a 4th election with a tired leader. That's the main reason everyone was so gutted - the overall campaign struck me as being good and effective, but if people don't like the guy at the top, you suffer.

Further, we'll need the help and advice of the SAP to stop the same happening in the UK!

19/9/06 17:49  

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