Thursday, September 14, 2006

Election watch: An even bigger scandal

Tuesday and Wednesday we have had important TV-programs about the election at different channels (SVT and TV4) at the same time. And then there is Champions League football as well…

Anyway, Leijonborg got really tough questions about Leijongate yesterday, and he still cannot answer why he and Jacobsson (the party secretary) lied about the espionage for two days.

But the big, major, scandalous piece of news was revealed in SVT yesterday. Opposition leader Fredrik Reinfeldt has had different au-pair girls from Baltic and Balkan countries in his home for a few years. He has been paying them 3 500 kronor a month, very little, but that’s the au-pair deal.

However, you can only keep a worker in your home for one year on au-pair status. Thereafter the worker becomes part of the regular working force and should receive better pay, thank God. But Reinfeldt continued to keep the same woman cleaning his home for the same salary, 3 500 kronor a month. That’s less than 4 euro an hour, folks. In Sweden. That is also 40 percent below the lowest wage you should pay someone working for you, according to collective bargaining agreements in this country.

In this election, Reinfeldt is claiming to lead “Sweden’s new working party”. But a woman who has unreasonable wages is cleaning his home.

Imagine if Göran Persson had a Polish au-pair out at his country house, and turned him or her into a worker who helped out with peasant duties for 3 500 kronor a month. The media would go crazy.

Now it’s Reinfeldt, and the story is passing through the media as a calm breeze. Why?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nu tycker jag du är lite hård
han får väl anställa vem han vill till de löner han och städerskan kommer överens om, eller?

14/9/06 14:59  
Blogger Claes Nordmark said...

Det kanske han får, men då ska han väl inte hyckla och prata sig varm för att det alltid är "avtalsenlig lön" som ska gälla för de "nya jobb" som hans allians vill ska skapas i Sverige. Eller ska det inte gälla hemma hos honom själv?

14/9/06 15:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, du verkar stressad inför söndag *LOL*

14/9/06 19:38  

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