Saturday, September 16, 2006

Election watch: Guess how I’ll vote?

The last couple of days have, of course, been really busy. I am preparing the election issue of the newspaper I work at, and we must be done during the afternoon on Monday, and then the newspaper will be distributed to our readers Tuesday (will have a final result by then???). Our articles will be available earlier online.

I have also been doing quite some hours of local campaign work in the district where I live (Kungsholmen). The positive response I have got in this heavily Conservative district has surprised me. As everyone else I think this election will be veeeery close, and my guess is that the left block will win with 48,2 percent against 48,0. We are somewhat behind in the last polls, but don’t forget that we were underestimated in 2002, and that there is another election campaign going on outside the pond in Stockholm. That’s where we’re really strong.

To sum up these weeks of election blogging: I will vote for the Social Democrats because of the following reasons:
1. The Swedish model: I believe in the combination of market economy, strong and progressive trade unions, and a generous welfare state. That’s a model that creates loads of real competitive jobs right now, stellar economic growth (5.5 percent), which enables us to redistribute to those in need, which increases the equality in society.
2. “The green welfare state”: We have a kick-ass vision for the future, which says that we should break our dependency on oil and create a green and equal way of living with room for everyone.
3. Internationalism: We give one percent of our GDP in aid to the developing world and the Social Democratic party is built on the borderless principle of solidarity and human rights for all. The world is not in balance, and a Social Democratic government always works hard to put that right.
That’s the way I think, folks.

* * *

The left block did really well in the last TV-debate Friday night. Göran Persson was solid as always, but the one who surprised me the most was the leader of the Left Party (Lars Ohly). He totally owned that debate. But you can be calm, I went to few meetings with the Left Party's youth section when I was young, which convinced me that I am a Social Democrat.

* * *

The picture above was taken when Göran Persson came to the Party Headquarters after the debate Friday night. The Secretary General of the Norwegian Social Democratic Party, Martin Kolberg, is congratulating him. Is Forza Italia in Sweden to meet with Reinfeldt?


Anonymous Veronika said...

Hello from Czechia. I read your blog quite regularly and I am very grateful for your work , because it is not easy to get so interesting information about Sweden in English..
I hoped that Socialdemokraterna would win the elections, so I am very disapointed now. I am sure that some Czech right- wing publishers will claim that even Swedes reject welfare state, but is it true?
I know that Moderaterna tried to play game with voters. They persuaded them that they are centrist despite their (in my eyes) clear right- wing and bad proposals to cut benefits and welfare programmes.
What are the main reasons for Social Democrats defeat in your oppinion? Do you think that socdem scandals did help Alliance? Or do Swedish people consider unemployment too high and they do not trust Social Democrats anymore?
I´m sad, but I am looking forward to your next posts:-)
And I am sorry for my English, I should practice it much often:-)

17/9/06 23:29  

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