Thursday, August 31, 2006

Election watch: More important than party politics

The donors’ conference in Stockholm, currently heading BBC News, feels more important than party politics today. The goal is to raise $500m (£263m; 392m euros) to rebuild Lebanon, where damage is put at $3.6bn, affecting 15 000 homes, 80 bridges and 94 roads. Read more here, for example.

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Short note about all the polls: Temo gave us 34,4 percent on the 4th of September 2002, and we got 39,8 percent in the actual election a few weeks later. But we should start getting closer soon (we are currently at 34,7 in Temo).

* * *

The conservative "alliance" has now agreed on a family policy that would not be good at all for gender equality (read more here and here). And Aftonbladet concludes that the Social Democratic policies for families with children are better from an economic point of view (examples here).

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A politician of the Conservative Party, Agneta Östman-Wenger, wrote an angry e-mail to her local newspaper, complaining about the pictures in the paper. Her problem? Too many kids had dark hair, and thus Östman-Wenger requested more pictures with blonde, “true Swedish” kids. A terribly racist, xenophobic point of view, of course. However, I guess that Östman-Wenger is happy with the Conservative candidates to the Riksdag. Among the ones who are likely to end up in the Riksdag, you don’t find a single candidate of foreign background…


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