Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mustn’t it be a woman?!!

Spent the day at the Social Democratic conference meeting (“förtroenderåd”) where the election committee that will lead the search for new party leader was elected. You can read an informative article about the meeting here (ok, I wrote it, but you will get all the official stuff).

The vivid debate during the meeting made me happy, people from across Sweden took the floor and voiced their opinions and thoughts about the future. Since these meetings aren’t official (i.e. closed to the public), I cannot tell you more than that… But needless to say, the important work commences next week when the election committee starts working.

Personally I think that we really should try to elect a woman as party leader this time. I am very pleased that the chairperson of the best branch of the Social Democratic party (the students) has expressed this view clearly.

Therefore, Lena Hjelm Wallén’s most important call will have +32 as country code…

* * *

One of my favorite albums, it really means a lot to me, will be released in some kind of deluxe edition. Guess things like this happens just becuase people like me will buy it right away... (Link here, listen to some good tunes. ”Once we rode together...”)


Anonymous Jon Worth said...

Agree with the analysis Eric... But does she want to do it? Let's hope so.

We have a similar issue in the Labour Party, only there it's for Deputy Leader with Harriet Harman and Jon Cruddas (a eurosceptic) currently in the running. As for party leader - we sadly don't have any women that have any hope.

22/10/06 17:14  
Blogger Anna, Fair and True said...

Unfortunately I think there will be a "no" at the end of that phone line...

23/10/06 20:36  
Anonymous Daniel Mathisen said...

"Therefore, Lena Hjelm Wallén’s most important call will have +32 as country code…"

Kan inte hålla med mer.

24/10/06 11:58  

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