Monday, October 16, 2006

Just one more remark about the budget...

After watching Sweden’s new Minister of Finance (Anders Borg) on TV tonight, I must add one thing about the budget. Borg said, smiling in a weird way and twisting his head, that he did not understand why the trade unions “are trying to force their members out of the unions” since he thinks that “they should stay there”.

Excuse me. The new budget means that the fee you pay to the unemployment benefit society increases. At the same time, the right to deduct the fee you pay to the trade union is taken away. In this way, Mr. Borg forces some of the Swedish employees – especially the ones with low incomes – to chose between the unemployment benefit society and the trade union membership.

The only person trying to force people out of the trade unions is Mr. Borg himself, and he knows it, because he wants to weaken them. He is lying on TV, twisting his head in different directions.

[The right for the employer to deduct the fee to employment organization will not be touched, of course].

* * *

I seldom watch Swedish TV 5 but in order to calm down and get a good laugh I will now watch the final of “100 höjdare”.


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