Wednesday, October 18, 2006

And if he were a Social Democrat?

The question of the day is whether the Social Democrat Party ever could keep a Finance Minister if (s)he had the same skeletons in the closet as Anders Borg apparently has (oh yes, more sins were revealed today). Moreover, my mum, who is a very wise woman, asked me why the women in the new government are forced to leave, while the tax-evading men can stay on. Beats me.

* * *

Started a mini-tour today during which I will visit social democratic clubs/organizations and lecture/talk about why we lost the election and what should be done now. It is so much fun and at tonight’s meeting in Hammarbyhöjden I met a young woman who visited her first social democratic meeting ever, and a man who has been a member for some 60 years (he played professional football for Hammarby IF in the late 1930s and in the early 1940s). I love this party.

* * *

The Internet makes life so much more enjoyable. Right now I listen to Bordeaux-Liverpool thanks to a web-based radio service provided by Liverpool FC.

* * *

Watched the filmMe and you and everyone we know” with Emma and my sister Anna last weekend. I really like weird, independent American movies but I didn’t like this one.

* * *

But I really like the version of “Bring’em home” on the new edition of Bruce Springsteen's “We shall overcome – The Seeger Sessions”. And Bruce comes to Stockholm on Monday…


Blogger Anna, Fair and True said...

Thanks again for a very good lecture last night!

I totally agree with your mother! And now we'll probably see Borelius and Stegö Chiló being replaced by two men, starting with Dinkelspiel...

19/10/06 13:11  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Bodström, former MINISTER OF JUSTICE in the social democratic goverment had black labour in form of a housekeeper. He could stay and had complete trust from the prime minister. Mona Sahlin, on the other hand, bought some toblerone chocolate which was devestating for her.

I think it says a lot about swedish journalists that they let bodstöm slip away so easily and now they chase Anders Borg like a pack of starving dogs.

19/10/06 18:33  
Blogger Anna, Fair and True said...

Sadly it may be a case of gender discrimination instead. Women have to leave while the men get to stay...

19/10/06 21:05  

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