Monday, November 27, 2006

Party leader, football, and Babel

Yesterday’s Agenda was very interesting, but the figure suggesting that only 13 percent of local social democratic chairpersons think that it is important to choose a woman is probably misleading. (To be “well rooted” in the social democratic party was the most important prerequisite). In another recent survey, 73 local chairpersons preferred a woman, one person preferred a man, and others did not state a preference (more here). The way you ask this question will determine the result you get. I think most people in the party really feel that it is time for a woman, this might not be an absolute demand, but the best candidates are women.

Moreover, it is very clear that Margot Wallström has the most solid support. 54 of 95 local chairpersons that responded to Agendas survey preferred Margot, and only three percent stated that a seat in the Riksdag is an important prerequisite. Very telling, indeed.

(Don’t miss that some people with a background in Social Democratic Students voiced their opinions in Agenda; fellow blogger Anna for example).

* * *

Jan Nygren, who was mentioned as a possible candidate last time around (1995), wrote an important op ed during the weekend. I think he misses one point though; for the renewal of the social democratic movement, the relationship to other parties in parliament is not the only thing that matters. I think we need to open up the party to organizations and movement outside parliament. I have written about that here.

* * *

But PM Nilsson wrote the weekend’s best editorial. Important reading, both for the Social Democratic Party and the new “government”.

* * *

And speaking of editorials and op eds, Länstidningen is undergoing changes. I will miss the old gang, and we will see where the new direction leads.

* * *

Ronaldinho scored a fantastic goal last weekend, already on YouTube of course.

* * *

My sister Anna was in South Africa for her birthday so we went to the movies and for a good meal at my expense Saturday evening. I can recommend both Babel and Bistro Süd. The three parallel stories in Babel really shakes you up, and the cool atmosphere at Bistro Süd calms you down.


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