Friday, December 08, 2006

With new phone at PES Congress in Porto

Porto seems to be a great city, even though I have not had time to be a tourist yet (I am staying for the weekend though). The PES Congress has been taking all my time, I have written a lot for AiP from here and one article is already online. Read more at the PES blog, and chez Jon Worth.

The best thing about the congress is all the people you run into. Many people whom I got to know through ECOSY, IUSY and PES-activities are here. Quite a few of us are not here on an ECOSY-mandate anymore; the “y” in ECOSY and IUSY stands for young…

Random observations: All the important decisions are taken elsewhere (by the PES leadership), but Margot Wallström spoke bravely about the need for stronger European parties. For the first team, PES-activists (grassroots from the member parties) are here, a great development that also brought more fringe events (i.e. seminars) with it. The looong speeches and biiiig panels you always have at these events varies a lot in quality (you know, all the big shots want to speak). But I just listened to Howard Dean of the DNC and legend Jacques Delors and they were both really inspiring. Ségolène Royal’s entry was that of a rock star, and she really deserves all our support, but she needs to deliver more in her speeches (read what Jon says).

But in all I think the PES is moving in the right direction, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen has done great job and will be reelected as our president today.

Photo of the Swedish delegation:
* * *

I got a new phone and I am falling in love it (Sony Ericsson K800i). But I cannot use iSync to make my PowerBook and my new phone hang out; iSync is too old for K800i. Anyone knows what to do?


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Don't know what to do, but I want one too!

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