Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Obama and McCain [and Calle Bildt]

US politics: The Fix recently updated its ranking of presidential candidates:
Dems: 1. HR Clinton. 2. J Edwards. 3. B Obama. 4. B Richardson. 5. T Vilsack.
GOP: 1. J McCain. 2. M Romney. 3. R Guiliani. 4. N Gingrich. 5. S Brownback.

As of today, I think it will be Obama vs McCain.

* * *

The New Republic runs a fascinating debate about Mitt Romney’s chances and the role of religion in US politics [and Washington Post reports that Romney is gaining steam].

* * *

A lot has been said about the money and lies surrounding Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. But shouldn’t he give the money to Darfur?


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