Friday, January 12, 2007

Sahlin’s majority, Bildt, and Whiskeytown

Aktuellt i Politiken can now report that frontrunner Mona Sahlin already is supported by a majority of the delegates at the Social Democratic congress in March – at least technically. The thirteen districts that hitherto say that they support her have 180 out of 350 delegates at the congress. Full story here.

You will find another article about the myths surrounding Mona Sahlin here. I will address this whole topic in my editorial on Monday.

* * *

Carl Bildt’s problems even made it into The Economist’s useful “Politics this week”:
Prosecutors in Sweden began an inquiry into share options given to Carl Bildt, the country's foreign minister (and former prime minister), when he was on the board of a firm linked to Russia's Gazprom.
And just because the prosecutor now says that Bildt did not do anything illegal does not mean that this is over. This is a political – not an economical – issue.

* * *

One weird thing with YouTube is all these covers you find with lonely guys playing your favorite song on guitar in front of a video camera. Today I was looking for stuff with Whiskeytown and found this version of “Houses on the Hill” and I found it… almost quite ok. Or am I just too crazy about this song? [The line “Eisenhower sent him to war, he kept a picture in his pocket that was closest to his heart” is great, anyway].


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