Thursday, January 18, 2007

There is only one Mona Sahlin

Mona Sahlin will be just great as party leader; she was outstanding during the press conference a little while ago (watch it here). The fact that I did the first interview with her today makes me very proud.

I am so glad that we will get one woman in the amazing Mona-Anna-Margot trio as party leader; that's political history, folks. As Mona said when I spoke with her today: ”I have been thinkin a lot of Anna [Lindh] today, and I know that the strong support for a female party leader in our movement would make her proud”.

Enough said, this will be great.


Anonymous Tove said...

Fully agree with you Eric! I saw you at the press conference, on Aftonbladet TV. All the way from Ireland, Lots of love from Tove

P.S. I have now joined Labour here in Dublin

18/1/07 20:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Enough said, this will be great."

Ja, precis!!! Det är ju det jag sagt hela tiden!

Nina Unesi

19/1/07 02:11  

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