Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dr. Melfi, let me ask you a question...

All things suggest that Mona Sahlin will become our new party leader; rumor is that she will get the official question from the electoral board very soon. I think she will be great. Read my “official” editorial about all this here, and there were two great op eds in DN today (Orback and Feldt).

* * *

Been to the movies twice recently. “All the King’s men” was good, but not as amazingly fantastic as I hoped (the version from 1949 is great, it is about US politics, Sean Penn plays the main role...). I would give it 3/5 and you can read the review I wrote for AiP here.

Saw “The Departed” on Saturday night with Emma, sister Anna and her fiancé Per-Erik (I was the only one showing any support for Matt Damon). In short, Matt Damon infiltrates the police in Boston on behalf of the Mafia, and Leonardo di Capriccioso infiltrates the Mafia on behalf of the police. Jack Nicholson is fantastic and I don’t think he overacts, as it has been said in some reviews. I would give it 4/5 (read a million reviews in English here) and I really hope that Martin Scorsese will get his Oscar this time (he has been nominated for Raging Bull, Last Temptation of Christ, Good Fellas, Gangs of New York and The Aviator).

* * *

Since I moved around a lot in the early 2000s I never really managed to follow “The Sopranos” properly. But now I watched the whole first season in a few days and I am totally addicted. Will try to find the time to start watching the second season tonight; these DVD-boxes are great when you need to catch your breath.

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Don’t you want one as well?


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