Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photos from Prague

My sister’s fiancé Per-Erik, excellent with the camera, has sent me some photos from our days in Prague. Enjoy!

The wonderful Old Square:

My mum Gunnel, girlfriend Emma, me, and sister Anna (close to the Czech parliament):

My dear friend Jan Hamacek and me in the speaker’s chair in the Czech parliament. Yes, we know each other from ECOSY, and if you wonder why I look proud, it is because Jan is now head of the Foreign Relations Committee:

My sister Anna (who is becoming a mother in July!) and me:

Having a beer in the classic pub U Fleku:

A little street close to where we had dinner Satuday night; U Zlaté studne:

This museum was not the best one on Earth, but the films they showed from 1968 and 1989 were interesting:
[Thanks for sending the photos Per-Erik]

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Blogger DeTocqueville said...

Great pictures!

The one of you and Emma is definitely a keeper.

Glad to see the brown soups have continued to work their magic.

12/4/07 20:40  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Yeah, the soups really worked, now I need to keep the current form and maybe lose some more before Brian's wedding... Hopefully I will see ya soon!

13/4/07 08:41  
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