Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Greens into Finnish government

The new Finnish government (“Vanhanen II”) has just been presented; the Center party will govern with the Conservatives, the Swedish Peoples’ Party AND the Greens. It seems like a pretty smart move by Vanhanen (!?); in this way he moves the Green party into his own block (away from the leading opposition party, the Social Democrats). So, we are officially in opposition in Finland as well. Hope they will start regrouping soon.
[Photo of the Finnish Parliament taken by your blogger. Thanks for quick information, Dan].

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Articles like this makes me want to go to the movies.

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Eldkvarn plays at the Södra Teatern on the 27th of April. Guess who has four tickets in the middle of the front row? Review of the new album here.

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Aktuellt i Politiken this week: Editorial, article about Royal’s campaign in France, and the social democratic election analysis.

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And: The team that is my favorite pastime – Liverpool FC – made me very happy as I had a few pints last night. How far can we go this year? Can we beat Chelski? Articles in The Guardian and Liverpool Echo.

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Blogger Anna, Fair and True said...

You will get along perfectly with the new British Ambassador who is HUGE fan of Liverpool! From Liverpool in fact.

4/4/07 17:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, good move made by Mr. Vanhanen breaking up the opposition by taking in the Greens.

As the social democratic parliamentary group leader Tarja Filatov put it: The New Government Programme is like a big Easter Egg, you don't know what it contains until it's opened.

For example reform of basic social security has been put high on the agenda by Vanhanen. What that will mean in practice, when the right goes about doing it with the greens who want basic income, is anyone's guess.

It will also be interesting to see how the Greens manage being in government this time. Last time they waltzed out of government after they lost the vote on nuclear power in 2002, now they only oppose it on paper.

The Greens have been fiercely opposed to building water power in Lapland (Vuotos), but now both the Centre party and the Conservatives want to open up the Water Act.

The Greens want to be in government so badly they seem willing to sell their most holy principles. Or they will confirm their untrustworthyness once more... We'll see how the electorate judges them in four years time.

5/4/07 10:38  

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