Friday, May 11, 2007

US-vacation 2: “On Demand” in Sweden, please

One good thing with vacationing in Washington DC is all the nice houses my “no longer in grad school” friends have bought (thanks for having us, Jim, Bob and Kevin; Lukas and Lucrecia; Jeff and Holli). And a great thing that my friend Jim has in his house is “On Demand”; a service that automatically downloads movies and HBO-series to your flat-screen TV. So if you want to see all the latest episodes of The Sopranos, you just grab the remote and then you watch’em. I saw the latest episode of The Sopranos (shown in the US last Sunday) and let me just say that it seems to be as good ever -- but somewhat darker and even more weird.

When is “On Demand” coming to Sweden? It makes life so much easier -- especially for all of us who wants quality (news, documentaries, politics, sports and HBO-series) the few hours one has time to watch TV.

[Photo of Jim with the requested “Welcome home” sign when he picked us up at the airport]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Det verkar ha varit en fin semester.

Välkommen hem till Svedala… (Kanske inte riktigt som DC, men ändå).


13/5/07 20:38  

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