Tuesday, July 05, 2005

From a hot DC to a warm Gotland

So, the week of politics in Gotland is as crazy as always. Yesterday (Monday) was the Green party's day and I was positively surprised by Maria Wetterstrand's speech. I wrote a small piece about it that you can read here, the basic argument being that it is great that they seem to have dropped their crazy demand that Sweden should leave the EU.

I was also in a fun and heated debate with the CEO:s of Timbro (right-wing think tank) and Skattebetalarnas förening (organization working for lowering every tax you can think of). The topic was what the world will look like in 2020 and as y'all know who has been following this blog I built my argument on stuff I have read by persons like Mark Leonard, The Policy Network, and most naturally basic progressive Swedish and British social democratic ideas. I had a lot of fun and I used the following picture to make my argument: Outside the house of where Gordon Brown was born, a statue of Adam Smith can be found. The policy debate the coming 15 years will be fought between those who think that Adam Smith's invisible hand is enough, and us who think that we need a lot of those socialist values that could be found in Brown's house as well.

I am convinced that we have the better arguments, but to be really sure I have to run to the press conference with Gordon Brown here in Gotland that starts in 15 minutes. However, I am pretty sure I will continue to prefer my "B"-guys (Brown and Blair) compared to all the other "B"-politicians we have to deal with nowadays (Bush, Berlusconi, Buttiglione, Barosso and our Swedish Beinfeldt)...


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