Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Look who is talking!

Yesterday as I was walking down to listen to Reinfeldt's speech a lot of young social democrats had big posters with funny images illustrating the conservative party's policies (you can see some in DN today, but only in the paper version). I overheard the former leader of the Swedish Tories, Ulf Adelsohn, complaining about the posters saying that young social democrats only are campaigning against things. Ha! During Ulf Adelsohns time as party leader the Conservatives never won an election and it was during his time that the Tories had an intense hate-campaign against Olof Palme. I remember seeing TV-pictures of one major Conservative event, I think at the stadium Johanneshov, where a life-size doll of Olof Palme where thrown around in the audience until it found its way onto the stage where Adelsohn smiled and greeted everything. Personally I remember Adelsohn being against Palme, but I cannot remember what he was for. Lower taxes, probably.
Two major points: 1. Dirty campaigning/anti-Olof Palme campaigns were very bad during Adelsohn's time, and there is an important difference between a party and a youth section. 2. The Conservative youth section is currently running a lot of negative campaigns on their website, two against the SAP and one against SSU, for example. Check it out here Adelsohn! And if you want to hear a positive political message, come back to Almedalen today when red social democrats will be around everywhere with happy leaflets as Marita Ulvskog will deliver her speech.


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