Thursday, September 29, 2005

Back to Kirkuk, Iraq

After visiting Iraq in July I wrote a pretty long article about my friend Shoresh, who is the fascinating person behind the project we (i.e. Social Democratic Students of Sweden, SSF and Kurdish Students in Sweden, KSF) are planning to do in Kirkuk (basically to start up a youth center). In the article Shoresh tells you about how and why his family left Iraq for Sweden, why he is politically active and how the idea of starting up a youth center came about. But he also tells you what it was like to come back to his hometown of Kirkuk post-Saddam, and visit his mother's grave for the first time in 21 years. You will find the article here (in Swedish), and please don’t miss the part about “the politics of farting/fispolitiken”.
(Picture taken right before we left for Iraq, Shoresh is guy to the far left in the front row, from


Anonymous Claes Nordmark said...

Shoresh is a mighty good guy. But I´m a bit dissapointed he never showed us any practical exampels of his "politics of farting" on the trip to Kurdistan... /Claes - who was there

29/9/05 22:59  
Anonymous Peter said...

Pretty cool article!

29/9/05 23:32  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Claes: At least I am glad he did not practice it too much...

Peter: Are you part of Nyt Europa in Denmark? I met with one of their representatives (Jakob Erle) here in Stockholm recently.

5/10/05 11:52  
Anonymous Peter Strauss said...

Yes, we have a great corporation with Nyt Europa and Europabevægelsen in DSU. We used Jacob Erle at our conference - to kickstart the referendum on the European Constitution just before the summer....

6/10/05 10:49  

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