Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kalala or Selakovic? Grimsby or Gothenburg?

Just watched a game of English League cup football when it is at its best; it is autumn, round two, some of the best teams enter the tournament. Famous Tottenham from London comes to Grimsby Town (East England) to play against the local pride, Grimsby Town Football Club. Tottenham is 60 places ahead of Grismby in the league system and 10 of Tottenham’s 11 players on the pitch have played international caps. Yet Grimsby fights heroically the whole game, and most naturally, a player you have never heard of (Kalala) scores a fantastic goal in the 88th minute. The local fans go crazy and Tottenham is out of the tournament.

I bet Grimsby would beat both the "giants" playing the game that might have decided the Swedish league yesterday, IFK Göteborg (my team) and Djurgården (from Stockholm, stadium in the nice part of town). Swedish club football does not appeal to me in the same way anymore (maybe because IFK Göteborg lost yesterday…?), so thanks for all classy international football on TV these days. But also thanks for an occasional not so classy game featuring Grimsby Town Football Club and Jean-Paul Kalala Kamudimba, who would have scored the open goal Stefan Selakovic missed for IFK Göteborg yesterday.


Anonymous Jon Worth said...

Don't be so sure that everything is fine! Have a look at this article from the BBC which is trying to defend the Premiership - presently being accused of being too dull. People are fearing that a Chelsea victory is a foregone conclusion.

As for Swedish football: well, the league is a bit strange for sure, but at least be happy that the national team is doing a lot better than England!

21/9/05 16:07  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Interesting article Jon, did you know that Alan Hansen is one of my old favourite Reds-players? I agree that the Premiership is a bit more boring than usual so far this season; but it was worse 10 years ago before all the foreign players came. When it comes to Liverpool, we really have to get our strikers in order, one goal after four games, and four clean sheets...

Yeah, the Swedish national team is great, and England has a good team on paper, as so many times before. The key is to get Lampard and Gerrard to work well together, but I think you will qualify which will give Eriksson time to sort that out. If not another scandal brings him down...

22/9/05 17:42  

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