Thursday, September 22, 2005

Media coincidence to convince me that I don’t like Swedish Tories?

Just got home, read the culture section of the morning newspaper that I did not have time read this morning, and watched the 10 o’clock news on TV4 at the same time. On TV: The free entrance to public museums have been a great success, the number of visitors have increased by 1,2 million, or by 124 percent. In the paper: The Swedish conservative party (aka Swedish Tories) would like to save some money in the state budget by rolling back the reform giving ordinary people free access to 19 public museums, the great Social Democratic reform TV4 reported about just as I was reading about the planned Tory cut backs… Sometimes the timing in my life is just perfect.

(The symbol is the one of the Maritime Museum, where the number of visitors have increased by 349 percent since free entrance was introduced.)


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