Saturday, September 24, 2005

Come on SvD: it's not a choice bw Reagan or W!

Today Saturday Sweden’s third (thanks Håkan) biggest morning newspaper (SvD) has an editorial about the second hurricane Rita that is now approaching Texas and Louisiana (hope that the damages will be as limited as possible, especially in human lives). The editorial discusses the fact that Reagan really tried to dismantle the already-not-so-strong-state in the US, but that George W. Bush has expanded the federal bureaucracy, started a few wars, and now also are facing huge reconstruction needs after the hurricanes (i.e. he is not only a slashing-taxes-for-the-rich- Republican, but too lenient when it comes to expanding state programs). SvD also gives the reader links to two American conservative think tanks, Cato and Heritage. Both these think tanks have criticized Bush for letting the federal deficit run amok; their ideal society is closer to a minimal state with very low taxes – but with fiscal discipline.

Needless to say there are a lot of wise Americans out there who does not agree with the SvD analysis suggesting that life is a choice between Reagan or W. Some interesting center-left think tanks include Brookings (across the street from where I went to grad school!), the PPI, and Center for American Progress. Good progressive blogs include the Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, New Donkey, etc. Have faith, there is real alternative out there, and American progressives have a momentum after the terrible political reminder Katrina left us with: the US is too rich to be so unequal. However, it is still a wonderful and beautiful country, and such a country deserves a different political leadership.


Blogger Håkan said...

Typiskt 08:or att vara så självfixerade att man tror att stadens näst största tidning också är Sveriges "second daily".

Du borde bläddra i GP då och då ...

Statistik finner du här.

Allt gott!

24/9/05 15:44  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Jag skäms så mycket att jag ändrade på en gång, tack Håkan. Jag tvingas erkänna att jag trodde att SvD var större, och efter att ha träffat Göteborgs starke man Göran Johansson regelbundet i två borde jag ha vetat bättre. Det här kommer jag få höra av mina GSHF-kompisar i Stockholm... :-)

24/9/05 17:47  
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