Saturday, October 01, 2005

Another article about Iraq/Kurdistan!

Today my good friend Claes has an op-ed in one of Sweden’s leading newspapers, Expressen. The article (in Swedish) is about the trip to Northern Iraq/ Southern Kurdistan that we did in July and I recommend you all to read it. And if you don't read Swedish: The basic point the article makes is that even if it was wrong to invade Iraq the way in which the US with (rather few) allies did it, now we must all work for and support a positive, democratic development in the region. It might seem like an easy point to make, but personally I am so sick of right-wingers pretending that it is a-ok when the US does whatever it wants, but I am also sick of the other extreme saying that the US soldiers and even the Red Cross are “legitimate targets” in Iraq (yes, we have people seriously arguing both these points). So, the invasion was not legitimate, but now it time to move on and work concretely for a positive development in Iraq - something that Social Democratic Students will do as soon as we get funds to start the youth center in Kirkuk.
(Photo of me, Emma and Claes in Halabja, 11th of July 2005).


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