Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I heard the following story yesterday and have to spread the word. Apparently Joschka Fischer of the German Green party has a nickname for the new Die Linkspartei: PDS-ML. PDS is of course the left-wing socialist party (legal successor to the SED that ruled Eastern Germany) that was part of forming Die Linkspartei. But ML? I thought Fischer was joking about the old days when ML always meant Marxist-Leninist. But PDS-ML means, according to Fischer, PDS-Mit Lafontaine (with Oscar Lafontaine, formerly with the social democratic party). Right on target, Joschka.

Latest gossip I have heard about the German election suggests that both Schröder and Merkel will step down and that Franz Müntefering of the SPD will lead a ”grand coalition” to start with. It is a shame “traffic light” does not seem to happen since I think a SPD/CDU-coalition will make the extremes to the left and right grow. Which of course will benefit PDS-ML.


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