Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend's best read

Just some links from the weekend that you should not miss:
1. The newsletter by the leader of the Liberal party (I wrote about this already Friday, and the newsletter was also quoted in Sweden's Sunday-night political program, Agenda).
2. PM Nilsson's editorial in Expressen yesterday (about Tory election defeat in 2006).
3. Niklas Ekdahl's editorial in Dagens Nyheter about Turkey and the EU ("Seldom has such a good idea had so few friends").
4. The Economist's article about Turkey (they have quite a few right articles on this subject right now, but for the others you need a password, get one!).
5. The Washington Post's article about Tom DeLay (password needed, get one!).
Please let me know of good articles about the EU and Turkey, very important and interesting indeed.


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