Monday, January 30, 2006

Finally Tarja got elected!

After a hard, polarized campaign Tarja Halonen is now re-elected. Yes, it became tougher and closer than expected. And I was wrong when I said that they both would get elected on January 15th. But now we have strong, progressive, female presidents in Chile and Finland, a very encouraging sign.

Here you can read why a very good friend of mine, fellow blogger Esa, voted for Tarja (in English). And in order to celebrate, watch this Tarja-rap (surprisingly good, ten Finnish social democratic MPs singing in the beautiful building that hosts the Finnish parliament). To all my Finnish social democratic friends: Congrats, six more years!

The video/rap if the link above does not work:


Blogger Esa Suominen said...

Thanks my friend for the congratulations! It was a close race! Our conservatives, Kokoomus that is, took their presidential campaign outlook straight from Moderaterna in Sweden; their candidate, Mr. Niinistö campaigned under the slogan "Worker's president".

Kokoomus campaign was in marketing terms very good, bought with big money from the most known Finnish marketing agency BobHelsinki. And got to admit, it was good, although not very credible. But with good advertisement and catchy themes you really can steal the show.

Lessons learnt: Finnish Social Democrats can be happy and celebrate the good outcome of this election, but will find themselves in close race when the next year's parliamentary elections take place. We need strong and clear message, which was not present in Tarja's campaign, this was more about a exceptional person winning the race.

31/1/06 17:57  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Hope you will get some well deserved sleep now Esa. And what you wrote about the campaign should be a lession for Swedish Soc Dems as well...

31/1/06 18:03  

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