Friday, January 27, 2006

Soon we can walk the line

Next week (February 3rd) even Swedish cinemas will start showing the film about Johnny Cash’s life, “Walk the line”. As a big fan of Johnny Cash, I have poster of him in front of me at work, I was totally thrilled when I saw the trailer. A prediction: when I have seen the movie, I will promise myself to use my black snakeskin boots more often as soon as the snow goes away. And I will also re-consider my plans to apply for a PhD-program at the Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs in Austin, Texas.

Somewhat late I have come to realize that all major movies have great websites these days. “Walk the line” is no exception, here you can see the trailer, browse around 50 American states and the Cash family tree. As far as I understand the reviews in the US have been good but somewhat mixed, but I am looking forward to walking the line to the cinema. And then probably run back home to my boots and the records.


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