Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Catching-up III: PES Stockholm

We have also had our first annual meeting with PES Stockholm, Europe's first group of local PES-activists. I am happy to announce that we already have 92 members, and that our website is now up and running . You will find the website here (where you also can register as a member, and read about us in English).


Anonymous Jon Worth said...

Hi Eric,

This is looking very impressive! :-) Is there any centre-left pro-European activity in Stockholm that you are not involved in? Are those not resident in Stockholm allowed to join?

I should get something like this going in London, but I seem to spend my life making websites for Swedish organisations instead at the moment!


22/3/06 23:54  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

The website is awesome. And yes, you can become a member wherever you live, just register at! An English member would be really cool.

28/3/06 18:32  

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