Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Catching up V: Waiting for the bus in Brussels

I was in Brussels Sunday-Tuesday and it is always nice to see old friends (thanks for your hospitality Henrik), but I can also report that our PES Party chairman Poul Nyrup Rasmussen is as full of energy as always. As you all should know, I really believe in building a stronger Party of European Socialists and Social Democrats.

When I was waiting for the bus to the airport, I got a phone call with a simple message: there is a press conference in Stockholm right now and Sweden's Minister of Foreign Affairs Laila Freivalds is resigning.

As almost everyone else, I think she made the right call and I understand her decision. The Financial Times has published an informative article about the background (here).

The question is of course: who will be the successor? Personally I hope for an individual with solid background in the social democrat party, who also has a strong interest in and knowledge of the foreign policy our party stands for.

Many commentators are pointing out that a Foreign Minister today must also have a sound understanding of general politics and be media-slick. That is true of course, but having strong ties to the party and our foreign policy tradition is even more important to me.

Three people who meet all these demands are Carin Jämtin, Margot Wallström, and Urban Ahlin. But the tabloids are much better than me when it comes to speculations.
(Pictures from AiP:s archive)


Blogger Brian Booth said...

Hi there Eric,

Just reading that ou were in Brussels these last days - sorry we didn't have a chance to have a beer together. Ecosy misses now your constructive political input as a Bureau Member (which doesn't mean anything to Anita's qualities), and I miss you as a good comrade and fun person to be around.

Well, next saturday, my favourite side is moving to your liverpool den: In spite of what I just wrote, you can prepare your handkerchief... phil Neville rules!

22/3/06 15:23  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Thanks for your kind words, I always enjoyed working with you as well. I haven't understood that I am not in the ECOSY bureau anymore, I will miss it loads and loads.

This trip to Brussels was so short but we should all meet up for a beer next time. One of my best friends live there now so I will come more often.

But come Saturday... We scored seven goals yesterday so Neville will have a tough day at work!


22/3/06 15:55  
Blogger Brian Booth said...

Upgrade on the Neville case...

erm, no, after all, let's just forget the whole story. Congratulations to the reds.

27/3/06 17:28  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Happily accepted! :-)

28/3/06 18:33  

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