Saturday, April 29, 2006

Catching up after a busy week

Because of developments at work (see below, and thanks for all your nice comments), last week was very busy. For example, I have not told you about a very good concert I went to in Stockholm. As expected, Tift Merrit was right up my alley: southern, folky country rock with more attitude and swing than I expected. And her voice is incredible live. [Review in Swedish here].

You can hear some songs on her webpage and on Lost Highway Records (a virtual goldmine with loads of good tunes online). Don’t miss the song “Good hearted man”.

I bought Tift’s new live album “Home is loud” after the concert and we spoke briefly about my favorite junk food restaurant in her home state of North Carolina: Waffle House.

The concert was held at the rock club Debaser in Stockholm, and I was glad to hear that Debaser will start running the larger club Mondo as well. To listen to country rock live and discuss Waffle House is sheer life quality.


Blogger mike d said...

hey- congrats on the new job!

also, the Waffle House is a fine American institution, not limited to the state of North Carolina. There's one just down the street from my borther's place in Williamsburg, Va.

29/4/06 19:30  

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