Sunday, April 23, 2006

Congrats, Hungary (the tide is turning)

As we all know, the center-left won the election in Italy. And today we got more good elections news from another European country with a red, white and green flag: the socialists in Hungary did it, they won re-election and Ferenc Gyurcsany can continue as Prime Minister. I say congrats to my friend Anita, and other Hungarian comrades, who have been working hard to make this happen.

As a matter of fact, the election victories in Italy and Hungary mean that center-left governments are in majority in the EU-countries again. The PES-website has done the counting: Currently there are Socialist, Social Democratic and Labour Prime Ministers in seven EU countries (UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic and Lithuania) with a further five countries with PES member parties in coalition Governments (Germany, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg and Cyprus). Soon we will add Italy to the first category. Not bad!

And when it comes to Sweden, a new serious and rather important poll gives the Social Democratic party, the Greens and the Left party 47,8 percent. The right-wing alliance gets 48,4 percent, but only last month they were five percentage points ahead. Clearly, the rocking economy and the improved labor market expalin why we are catching up, together with the recent disagreements in the right-wing alliance.

Last and not least, Liverpool beat Chelsea in the FA-cup semi, while I was at my cousin Jesper's fantastic wedding. Quite a good weekend…


Blogger Anita Fejes said...

Winning the election in Hungary is a huge success and I am proud being part of it. This is the first time since 1989 that a governing coalition could be re-elected. Thank you for your support. Big hugs!

24/4/06 13:53  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Getting re-elected is great, good that it happened in Hungary this time. We will have to win our fourth election in a row in September so you are welcome to come and help us out... Hope to see you soon, longer bw the times now when we are not in the ECOSY bureau... :-(

24/4/06 14:06  
Blogger Anita Fejes said...

If my studies and job let me do it, I definitely visit you in September. I really miss the times in ECOSY Bureau and I hope we can meet in Alicante this summer too.

24/4/06 15:10  

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