Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bruce’s new album sounds good!

The new Bruce Springsteen album, “We shall overcome: The Seeger Sessions”, will be released on the April 25. But already now you can watch Bruce and the band playing one of the songs, “John Henry”, in the studio (just click here).

I just listened to the song a few times, and I am very enthusiastic. I really like American folk music, and to see and hear Bruce Springsteen dig deeper into this tradition makes me very thrilled. I really liked the almost disorganized version of “John Henry” with all the violins, the banjo, etc.

And to hear Bruce finish of the song saying “good”, followed by his very characteristic laughter, makes me long for the concert in Stockholm on the 21st of May. The question is which of his old songs he will play with this large, folky band? Any wild guesses?


Anonymous Henrik Gustafsson said...

The first song I have heard from "Seger Sessions" is John Henry. Yes. It is really great.

Which old songs will Bruce play in Stockholm the 21 of May ?

The Seger sessions band feels a bit like the Asbury park days of E street band.

But will he play some songs from the two first albums? No I am not sure. This is Stockholm. Not NYC, Philadelphia, East Rutherford or Pittsburgh. But "For you" was on the setlist in Stockholm 2002, "Growin´ up" in Gothenburg 2003 and "Blinded by the light" in Stockholm 2005.

I think we will here som "party songs" from his songbook. Since the US tour in year 2000 he has played "Ramrod" at the encores. Maybe it can work even this time.

One song that will fit the band very well is "Working on a higway". He played a nice folkish version of this song at the Conan O´ Brien show in 1999. I also think that the violins can fit into "Atlantic City" one of my favourite Springsteen songs. And remember that he played a country version of "Dancing in the Dark" at the US tour in year 2000....

On tuesday The Cardigans will visit Brussels. They will play at "Ancienne Belgique". In the 60s this was Jaques Brels "home concert hall ". Of course I will be there to support them.

Rise and shine!

13/4/06 21:03  
Blogger CV said...

I found it on a place on the Internet and listened. But I thought it was an old release, I did not know Bruce had a new album on the way.

16/4/06 11:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

coolest thing would be if they played none of the old songs during this concert. just to piss the people longing for hits off. but bruse may be to kind for such a move, so i'd guess he will play some old stuff in a folk music kind of way.

24/4/06 20:33  

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