Monday, April 10, 2006

It's looking good, knock on wood

One of the reasons that explains why I love politics is the people you meet and the places you end up at. Right now I am at an election watch with the Democratici di Sinistras local branch outside Reggio Emilia. The old men here built their own house for social functions back in the 1960 (for you who know your Italian history: this was not a social democratic party back then).

In the main building we are watching the results coming in from the elections. But in a newly built house in the back these fantastic old men (there are mostly elderly men here so far) have constructed their own hunting cabin.

So here I am, at their computer, looking at walls not covered with political posters (as in the main building), but with poster of fish, birds, etc. It is a fantastic feeling.

And the feeling in the other building might become fantastic soon, but nothing is taken for granted yet. Things are looking pretty good so far; the exit polls pointed in the right direction (54-50 for Prodi's Unione, 49-45 for Berlusconi's CdL). And a new poll from Ipr says 52,2 to 47,1 and the first results in Lazio and Piemonte are looking good. But things seems to become closer as I write this. So I will run right back in and have some more of the wine, cheese, cakes, sausages, etc etc that our comrades here have prepared for us.

So, it is too soon to say that Prodi has won, but this might be a great night for the European center-left. And I don't mind being a part of it in a hunting cabin just outside Reggio Emilia.


Blogger Anna, Fair and True said...

I really hope Prodi wins! I'm following it closely tonight.

10/4/06 21:12  

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