Thursday, August 24, 2006

Election watch: Here we go!

New poll today (Ruab) shows that this will for sure be a close race: the Social Democrats gets 40,4 percent (+3,2), the Left Party 4,6 (-0,9), and the Greens 4,6 (-1,7). This gives the left block 49,6 percent.

The Conservatives gets 29,1 percent (-1,3), the “Liberals” 8,7 (+0,3), the Center/Farmers Party 5,1 (+0,1), and the Christian Democrats 5,0 (+0,3). This gives the right block 47,9 percent.

Conclusion: All these opinion polls are not too trustworthy, one third of the voters in this poll are still undecided, so just get our there and meet the voters!


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