Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Election watch: Reviewing Swedish Cons

The Social Democrats in Stockholm launch a new site today: “Conservatives against” [moderaterna mot]. The idea is really good; you select among different political topics, then you select a time period and then you can see what reforms the Swedish Conservative party has voted against. You can also read a historical timeline (Gosh! They have been against a lot of stuff, like the abolishment of the death penalty).

Fortunately, focus is on their blocking of progressive reforms the last four years, and all examples seem to come with a reference to a source. A site like this should not only deal with the distant past, but with the immediate past and present. This seems to be the case, and you can also search for reforms the Swedish Conservatives voted against only last month. This site can be a lot of fun, and you can also contribute yourself with less known examples.

I also notice that the Social Democrats in Sigtuna have launched a site where they are looking for the “New Conservatives” we have all heard so much about.

Finally, AiP (the newspaper where I work) now has a newsletter (read it right away). Signing up at is highly recommended.


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