Friday, August 18, 2006

Election watch: Il Manifesto is here

You can read my editorial about the last days in Swedish politics here, and a longer analysis here [both in Swedish].

My main argument in the editorial is that opposition leader Reinfeldt really has had a terrible week, and if a leading Social Democratic politician committed all those mistakes in a few days, (s)he would be nailed and fried by Swedish media.

I also argue that since the election manifesto was clear from an ideological standpoint, and not too abundant, Reinfeldt gets more problems since: a) the difference between the political alternatives becomes clearer and b) the opposition’s program is over-reaching and short-sighted (Reinfeldt promises both reforms and tax cuts, and the right-wing opposition only have agreements for the first year).

In the analysis I argue that the manifesto fits well into the broader Social Democratic ideology and political message in this campaign (basically: we have a red ideology about equality, a green vision for the future, a contract for the labor market through the trade unions, a global responsibility for developing countries, and a history of being prudent with the nation’s finances).

Since Reinfeldt had a bad week, the Social Democratic party now has a window of opportunity to get its message across to the voters. The question now is how many voters who will come through that window.


Blogger Claes Nordmark said...

Tydligen ska Reinfeldt bli kommunalråd i Sundbyberg om moderaterna vinner valet här. Orsak? Moderaterna är det enda parti som inte har någon lokal företrädare på sina valaffischer - utan endast Reinfeldt. Snacka om personfixering...på en flip-floppare...

19/8/06 18:37  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Det är värre att Reinfeldt lär stå överst på valsedeln i valkretsar där han inte kandidera, trots att det finns en överenskommelse om att så inte ska ske.

21/8/06 16:59  
Anonymous Somos said...

Sanningen om arbetslösheten:

21/8/06 20:18  

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