Friday, October 27, 2006

The American Right...

Hope you haven’t missed the important ad in which Michael J. Fox supports Claire McCaskill (D) in Missouri, and notably her support for stem cell research. An if you can bear it, listen to how the right-wing maniac Rush Limbaugh attacks Michael J. Fox and the ad.

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Center for American Progress reports that George W. Bush now says that he uses “the Google”.

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Finally got to see “Good night, and good luck” and I really liked it. The underlying question is of course what has happened to American television since the days when CBS opposed McCarthyism, and how much money the American right has spent in order to get rid of “liberal media”. Moreover, the footage in the film is awesome. I really don’t like cigarettes and smoking but in this film, it looks really cool.

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And speaking about the media; don’t miss that China Public Television has switched sides


Anonymous André said...

Eric, I think its a pitty that you are not a member of the parliment in Sweden. Working for AIP doensnt give so much influence over European politics. I hope you find new forums so you can canalize your big engagement for the social liberal questions.


29/10/06 18:39  

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