Thursday, November 02, 2006

Elections around the corner (again)

I am going to Washington DC tomorrow Friday and I have quite a few good interviews lined up, but most naturally I will catch up with the old crowd of friends as well. I have been working so much this week I haven’t really realized how much fun this will be.

When it comes to the congressional elections, the site “Electoral vote” is useful as always, and don’t miss the 123 election campaign ads at The New York Times website. Watch the terrible ads the Republicans run against Harold Ford in Tennessee and remember why there is only one good side in US politics.

* * *

The post-election talk Timbro’s Maria Rankka and I had at Canal 7 can now be seen here. And tonight I will participate in a panel about the US Congressional elections (TV8, 20:00, the show is called “Världen i fokus”).

* * *

Some really promising blogs have been started lately: Åsa Westlund, Per Wirtén, Håkan A Bengtsson and Magnus Linton.


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