Friday, December 15, 2006

Leijonborg, Sahlin, trade, EU, and Kent...

Heard the Liberal party’s leader Lars Leijonborg on radio this morning and I got the feeling that he is a dead man walking. I could not stop thinking about the scandal in the election campaign and that he knew everything for a few days and lied/withheld the truth to everyone.

They will get a new leadership soon.

* * *

More voices for Mona Sahlin now, read Niklas Nordström in today’s Göteborgs-Posten.

* * *

The new US Congress will be inaugurated after Christmas and one worry is whether it will become more protectionist. Good news: The outgoing just passed an important trade bill. Bad news: Congress might turn Republican due to Democratic Senator Tim Johnson’s (D-S.D.) health problems. Latest is that the Senator is in stable condition after brain surgery.

* * *

Loads happening in the EU (Reach, Turkey), don’t forget these good sources of information: EUObserver [English], Mats Engström’s blog and Europaportalen [both in Swedish].

* * *

I am having a Kent-day, just listen to this.


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