Friday, January 19, 2007

Thoughts about Mona Sahlin

I wrote two editorials about Mona Sahlin today; one for Aktuellt i Politiken and one for Stockholms Tidningen (the edition of AiP in the greater Stockholm area). You can read them already on the web; AiP here and ST here.

* * *

Now I am off to watch Pedro Almodóvar’s movie ”Volver” across the street from work, together with a good friend of mine. It’s been a busy week so to stroll across the street to a movie theater feels like the perfect thing to do. Have a good weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eric!
First, I really hope and think that Mona will be great. Second, Volver is a fantastic and powerful movie, I'm sure you'll love it! (I love Almodovar-films...)
/Teresa Carvalho

20/1/07 17:56  

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