Saturday, March 03, 2007

Good weekend read

There are two new interesting articles on First, the race in France is tightening up, thanks to a new the third man, François Bayrou. ”The odds are on a Ségo/Sarko run-off. But the race has a third man who cannot be written off”, writes The Economist. I agree, and we should all be happy as long as Le Pen stays in the shadows.

Secondly, an article about the drop in support for a lethal habit (i.e. the death penalty) in the US is well worth reading. I hope this projection is right.

* * *

Plura’s blog has put me in an Eldkvarn-mood and I listened to quite a few songs last night and this morning. A few days ago, the TV-show Go’kväll, a show I never see, visited Plura in the archipelago (Koster) where he has written songs for the new album. The show can be seen here (click on ”Se program”, and then watch the show from the 27th of February, some 20 minutes into the show).

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