Friday, January 26, 2007

Svensson, Nordström, hat and cattle, Rifkin

Two things you should read in Swedish media today: Tommy Svensson’s hilarious column in Aftonbladet (did Greider pass out?), and the interview with Niklas Nordsröm in Dagens Media.

* * *

Some friends of mine in Washington DC have a band called Bütros Bütros, playing rock in DC clubs. Soon they will play at the Austin Grill, and I just realized that the restaurant is a 100 percent powered by wind. There is hope for US and the world, even though Bush’s brief words on climate change are all hat and no cattle so far.

* * *

I guess some of you have heard of Jeremy Rifkin, a US scholar who says that the American dream might be worth dying for, but the European dream is worth living for. I wrote an article about him when he visited Sweden recently [here, in Swdish].

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