Thursday, February 01, 2007

”White people love to believe they’re fair”

Can Barack Obama become president in 2008, although he is black? It is possible, writes Peter Beinart in The New Republic, because ”white people love to believe they’re fair”. An interesting article well worth reading.

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My review of the film ”Days of glory” (Indigènes) can now be read online. And here is my editorial this week.

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Lucinda William’s new album ”West” gets great reviews; you can hear some tracks online.

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For Liverpool-fans: Paddy is back, and he is now a Swede[Thanks, Örn]

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Blogger Oz said...

I recall reading an article about Barack and how he wasn't really "black" as he doesn't have any ancestral relation to the slaves that were brought to America.

It's also very interesting that Barack's support is stronger amongst whites than blacks.

19/2/07 06:58  

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