Monday, February 19, 2007

All work and no play

Last week was very busy. Our managing editor, who helps me to put the three newspapers I am editor in chief of together, was on a holiday. He has been a journalist for maaaany years and to cover up for him took quite a few extra hours. But I learnt loads and I am proud of the people I work with cause we made three really good papers, despite being a few people short.

So, I did not blog that much, but I must underline one thing: The foreign policy debate last Wednesday showed how the Social Democratic party should act in opposition. The party was not simply against the foreign policy declaration presented by the Conservative government, an alternative, progressive declaration was presented, and an open seminar about Social Democratic foreign policy was organized in the center of Stockholm. I wrote my editorial about this [Swedish], cause we cannot only be against things...

* * *

After congratulating Dixie Chicks, I got an e-mail asking if I listen to Joe Ely. I didn’t, but I have started now. Here is YouTube-clip from Tribeca Rock’n’Roll Club in NYC, and here is Joe Ely’s website. [Thanks for your e-mail, Bo]

* * *

I just cannot stop praising The Sopranos, saw the two first episodes of season four yesterday. If you live in Stockholm, they have a dvd-boxes sales at Buylando, Kungsholmen (S:t Eriksgatan 34). 499 kronor for two seasons/boxes…

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Blogger DeTocqueville said...

Eric -- Rumor on the street is that you have lost ten kilos... Would you mind posting a picture of yourself for the world to see? Enquiring American minds have been dying to see a pic of the belly-less Sundstrom.

And in addition to The Spranos, has "Entourage" hit Sverige yet? It's a new-ish HBO series (about to start its third season in the US, I think) about a young actor and his loser friends in Hollywood. There's not as much killing as Tony, Big Pussy et al, bu very entertaining stuff just the same.

Throw a link up to my blog, will you?!

20/2/07 23:30  

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