Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sopranos? A lot better than Bush’s budget...

There are loads of things to read in Aktuellt i Politiken this week, don’t you miss Jens Henriksson’s essay about the economics of conservatives. And my editorial is here.

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And then we have Bush’s new budget (also known as the war on poor people). A good way to start reading about this is the Progress Report. And don’t miss this additional info: Only 13 percent of congressional Republicans say they believe that human activity is causing global warming, compared to 95 percent of congressional Democrats.

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One question we nerds should ask ourselves: Is Hillary Clinton’s victory inevitable?

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I am now watching the third season of Sopranos and it is still brilliant. Don’t miss out for as long as I did, folks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Endast 13 procent som kopplar ihop klimatförändringen med mänskliga aktiviteter? Gosh, inte undra på att det går trögt.


8/2/07 15:17  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Det är verkligen toklågt, amerikansk politik bjuder verkligen på kontraster. Hade du sett Al Gores film nu?

8/2/07 23:40  
Blogger Oz said...

The congressional Republicans are becoming an increasingly smaller group. Most of the moderate Republicans are jumping ship and joining the Democrats like in Kansas.

Hillary Clinton's victory is not inevitable until we start to see the results in the first Democratic primaries.

The entire election looks like it was taken from the final seasons of the West Wing with candidates you would not generally expect.

19/2/07 06:55  

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