Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More about the congress and Mona Sahlin...

It’s Wednesday and I still get a smile on my face when I think about the congress last weekend. There is some stuff to read at; editorial, a summary of the political debate, Ingvar Carlsson’s pieces of advice to Mona, but also an essay about US politics written by my friend Kevin Croke.

Also: Here is photo of me and my girlfriend Emma during the party Saturday evening. A fun and historic night [thanks for the photo Nisha].

* * *

The documentaries about Göran Persson’s 11 years in power are like a car wreck; it is impossible not to watch. My basic analysis after the first two episodes is that this only confirms the two sides of Persson. One the hand, an enormously skillful politician. On the other hand, a harsh and blunt man who apparently says things in front of a camera that other people would not say alone in the bathtub. Third episode tomorrow Thursday.

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Anonymous Lasse said...

Uppknäppt med slips verkar vara modernt. Ska pröva "redaktörslooken" vid tillfälle. När ska AiP börja med politiskt korrekta modesidor för vilsna politiker i salladen?

25/3/07 16:21  

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