Monday, March 19, 2007

Bronze medal in Finland

As you know by now, the Finnish Social Democratic Party (SDP) only came in third yesterday. If you read Swedish, don’t forget that Finland has a major newspaper in that/our language. My good Finnish friend Esa sent me text message already 21:29 Finnish time yesterday: We’re f**ked, getting loaded now...

When I called him very early this morning to get an election analysis for an article I was writing, he was not the happiest man on earth (i.e. sleeping and recovering from Koskenkorva).

So, to all my Finnish friends: Welcome to opposition. Let’s work together in order to find ways to make our countries more progressive again. An idea: start looking for a really cool and bright woman to lead your party...?



Blogger Hildur said...

I hope we can cooperate and find new ways of organising our parties and get our progessive message across.

There is one thing we can be happy about, and that's the change in womens representation in parliament, which has grown. And in the social democratic group there's a majotrity of women: 25 out of 45!

We have a parliamentary group with an average age for the men 52,3 and the women 41,76 years. We have loads of new women parliamentarians in their 30s. We'll see how that changes the politics we do and how we do it.

20/3/07 11:29  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Hildur: Good news, I will put those numbers on the int page in AiP! Thanks.

20/3/07 18:13  

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